Things to see around Whangarei.

Heritage Park Whangarei - The Kiwi House and Whangarei Museum.  This Beautiful 25 hectare property with outdoor and indoor displays.  They have an excellent collection of Maori artefacts.  The nocturnal Kiwi House includes a North Island brown kiwi, morepork, wetas and native geckos with very helpful and informative staff who personalise your visit.  Take a picnic lunch to share with the peacocks under the trees!  Or just enjoy the rural setting, the stone walls and the views to the city and Whangarei Heads. 

Clapham Clocks - a truly amazing collection of clocks, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, that will keep you spellbound for hours!!  Located down by the beautiful Whangarei Town Basin.  Enjoy the sites and stop for a bite or cup of coffee.

The Paper Mill - designed to lift the self esteem of intellectually disabled people who guide you through the paper making process and provide you with herbal tea in their peaceful and charming cottage garden.  You will pass them on your way into Whangarei.  Also highly recommended.

The Quarry - An artist's co-operative of five studios for you to stroll through and enjoy.

Burning Issues Gallery - ceramic and glass studio situated in the Town Basin.  This is a must - showcases traditional and innovative artwork - watch the talented local artists at work!

The Kauri Clock Factory - Very popular shopping venue with over 2,500 clocks to choose from - no two are the same!

The Fudge Farm - also at the Town Basin - made from farm fresh ingredients comes creamy mouthwatering fudge made the old fashioned way - by hand - yummy!!

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